What is a Lash Lift?

You may or may not have heard of the lash treatment taking the beauty world by storm. The lash lift is a treatment where you cause your lashes to an upward curl and tint them which enhances your lashes length and opens up the eyes.

How does it work?

After your initial patch test (a minimum of 48 hours prior), your lash tech/beauty therapist may secure your bottom lashes with an eye pad (its not necessary for the treatment but is a nice little hydrating add on).

They will then apply silicone shields to your eyelid which they will adhere your upper lashes to. Often there is 3 different size shields to pick from (we will cover these later on). Once the lashes are firmly secured your therapist will apply the first solution. This lifting cream breaks down the proteins in the hair bonds meaning your lashes will become more pliable and easier to shape. The solution will sit for a certain amount of minutes before it is removed and the second applied.

The neutralising solution which is applied second stops the lifting from developing more. It hardens the lashes (this is what keeps them in position for up to 8 weeks).

After the neutralising solution is finished doing its job and wiped off, a lash tint will be applied. Your natural lashes will have lighter coloured section at the ends, so when tint is applied it makes your lashes look even longer and fuller (say goodbye to mascara!).

The final step is to apply the moisturising lotion to help add some moisture into those nice long lashes.

Does it hurt?

Lash lift is a pretty painless treatment. Although some slight irritation and discomfort can occur it is unlikely to be anything too painful. It is extremely important to have a patch test prior to your treatment to ensure no allergic reactions will occur. I'm sure you'd prefer a reaction/irritation on your arm than your eyes!!

What are the different shields for?

There are 3 different shields Large, Medium and Small. Your therapist will discuss with you what you want to achieve from your lash lift and asses your lashes to decide which shield is used. For example if you have long lashes and want a natural, not too noticeable lift you would use a large shield. If you have Medium length lashes and want a dramatic wide awake lift your therapist may use a small shield.

How long does it last?

Lash lifts last approx. 8 weeks. It is not recommended to get a lift less than 6 weeks apart because although it isn't harming your natural lashes having them too often can cause damage, you can however have them tinted every 6 weeks to keep the darker "mascara" look. It may last more or less than 8 weeks depending on your lashes natural growth cycle.

What is the aftercare for lash lifts?

Lash lifts aftercare is pretty simple, the main one being do not get them wet for the first 24 hours (this includes oil, sweat, makeup and steam so no boiling pasta... shower before your appointment, order a takeaway, put your comfies on and relax after your treatment)

Other things to note are avoiding contact lenses for 24-48 hours, try to avoid rubbing your eyes or sleeping on them for 2 days. Brush them daily with a lash spoolie/comb and apply a lash conditioner daily.

Speak to your lash tech/beautician about which lash conditioner they recommend.

So in conclusion, Lash lift is a great treatment for those with straighter natural lashes or someone wanting to have a natural open eyed look.


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