Patch Tests.... why they're vital!

This week I have experienced my first client reaction and felt like it was the perfect time to talk about the importance of patch testing, whether its brow lamination, lash lifts, hair colour or brow tint you NEED a patch test.

I hear it so often from new clients "Oh I've had the treatment loads of times before I don't need a patch test" and my client this week was the perfect example of why you should test with any new therapist, product or if you have any changes in your life.

My client has had plenty of lash lifts previously, never had a problem, this time however she had a reaction to the lifting solution she experienced redness, itching and burning sensations. Luckily she understood the need for patch testing so this reaction occurred on the inside of her elbow - NOT her eye lids.

How can someone who has had the same treatment on a multiple of occasion have a reaction?

Lets talk about some of the reasons below.

  1. New Therapist - This client was new to me. There are many different brands for every treatment therefore I may have used a different brand product to the salon she had treatments with previously.

  2. New Products - Similar to the above, if I was to change my products at all, I need to re-patch test every client because although the brands all perform the same task, there may be one ingredient different that will cause a reaction.

  3. Hormones - Reactions can occur when hormones change within the body so its important to re-test after or during things like pregnancy and menopause.

  4. COVID - There's no evidence to say it is definitely the cause, however there has been many reports of people having reactions to hair colour, hair tint and brow products after having covid so its important to tell your therapist if you have had your vaccination, been in contact or tested positive with COVID between your last treatment and next.

  5. Medication - Some medications can react with the product to cause irritation so if you have been put on any new medication it is important to declare this to your therapist.

I'm sure we can agree - although patch tests are inconvenient at times we would much rather a reaction occur on our elbow not our eyes.

Update your therapist of any changes and ensure your therapist patch tests!


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