My Tropic Story

I was introduced to Tropic skincare in 2014 through my mother and her friend who sold tropic. At first I didn't take much notice, for a few reasons really...

1) I did NOT look after my skin as a teenager, I was an outdoor, horsey girl who didn't know the first thing about beauty or skincare (I mean come on we were applying Dream Matte Mousse in the wrong shade... WITH OUR FINGERS!!)

2) I had super dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin and had tried hundreds of creams, lotions and potions none of which worked and I had basically decided that it was just my fate to have terrible skin and I was too scared to try anything new in case it caused me to have flare ups. At that point I was doing okay just ignoring the problem.

3) Third and finally, if I'm completely honest I thought it was just another person trying to sell products just like any other multi-level marketing schemes and that they wouldn't be anything special (boy was I wrong)

Eventually, after MONTHS of my mum badgering me to try, telling me all the benefits and how it was 100% natural so I was very unlikely to have flare ups - I caved and let my mum use products on me, I believe she needed a model for some skincare training she was doing with tropic so I went along and oh boy.... MIND BLOWN. The smells, the textures and the noticeably hydrated skin with no irritation I was left with .... yep. HOOKED.

I've used tropic since 2015, and I don't think I will ever switch to anything else. I think I've tried almost everything on their catalogue and there was very few things I didn't love and there was nothing I disliked.

I set up my business in 2020 and started offering facials to my clients, when setting up there was no DOUBT in my mind that I would be using tropic products on my clients. I wanted everyone, even people with super sensitive skin like mine to be able to enjoy facials. There was a very brief period of time where I considered using a "spa brand" alongside tropic for a more "luxury" service - well in reality I actually couldn't see any noticeable difference using a well known spa brand, the only difference was I didn't love the products as much as I loved Tropic so I scratched that idea very quickly.

All my clients comment on the smells of the products and how amazing their skin feels after a facial with me, some even wanted to buy products. This is when I made the exciting decision to become an Ambassador for Tropic and start selling their products to clients, friends and family... maybe one day even you? If you love the idea of an all natural, vegan, cruelty free product from a company that is carbon negative (that's right they remove twice as much carbon as they put into it) why not follow my Tropic social media pages, to learn more about the products I love.

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